But you don’t need to worry…I tell myself I can quit anytime.

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My second post! And second post of the day!

I told myself this morning that I would only post once per day….and what do I do? Post twice. Of course.

But I had a thought…I forgot to tell you all (all the imaginary people that are reading my blog that don’t show up on my stats that is…) about some stuff.

Number 1: If you read my page title (Obsession is just another word for addictions…) and then the description right below it (…and addictions are very dangerous…) and then whatever post (each post will have a different name) it will create a phrase, and all make sense. Get it?

Here’s an example using my first post:

Obsession is just another word for Addictions….and addictions are very dangerous…but of course, when you’re me, nothing seems too dangerous anymore.

Clever? Not really…

Number Two: The next few blogs that will follow this one (I don’t know exactly how many there will be) will be about my addictions. Some are really bad, but some of them are pretty good I guess. Then, the post after all my addictions will be an ‘About Me’.

Ferserious? Well then. 


But of course, when you’re me…nothing seems too dangerous anymore.

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My name is Briana.

I’m sixteen years old as of June 1st 2008 and I’m…different I guess.
Though, nothing seems to different then what it was two years ago.

I live in the same house, go to the same school, hang with most of the same friends.

I guess the only thing that’s changed is me.

I started this blog to help myself realize what I’ve become. I want to go back to the way I was; happy, sporty, a good daughter.
Though…I don’t know if it’s too late or not.